Dental Treatments

Jehovah Rapha Medical Center, God provides healing!

How this works?

We will take care of you at every point of your dental vacation.
1. Everything starts with an email asking for a quotation of your treatment, a panoramic x-ray is require for this stage.
2. We will reply with your quotation and the next step is to ask for a date of your travel and timeframe to complete.
3. Send us your flight info and we will send our driver to pick you up at the airport and send you at your setup accomodation.
4. We will make a check up and give you the treatment plan and schedule.


For treatments over $1000 USD the transportation from the airport and to the airport also the trips to the appointment are paid for the Jehovah Rapha Medical Center. If your treatment in under the $1000 USD you must pay directly to Mr. Olger Gonzalez $100 USD if you hotel is 10 kms or less from the clinic or $150 USD if you hotel is farter than that. This amount doesn’t include other services to the convenience store or tours or other trips that you like to arrange. This service can be arrange directly with Mr. Olger Gonzalez for a fee. The transportation will be charge in full in repetition cases or warranties for the patient don’t matter the amount paid. IF YOU DON’T WANT TO RECEIVE THE TRANSPORTATION SERVICES AND AVOID THE CHARGES PLEASE INFORMED TO MR. OLGER GONZALEZ INMEDIATELY.

Our Services

Dental Crowns

Porcelain Fused to Metal(PFM) Crown, Full Porcelain Crown (EMAX), Zirconium Crown (LAVA or Porcelain Zirconium), Feldespatic Porcelain Crown.

Dental Cosmetics

Dental Whitening or bleaching, veneers, bondings.

Dental Implants

This is the latest, more advance and also more predictable way to replace your missing teeth. Please press the title for more information about dental implants

Root Canal Therapy

The root canal therapy is a painless and fast procedure this days.

Gum Treatments and Periodontal Surgery

Gums are the key of the success of every dental treatment since the bone and gums support the teeth.

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

Oral Surgery like wisdom teeth surgery, frenectomy and much more.


We offer Invisaling, Metal Braces and Saphire Braces.

Dental Crowns

A crown is a 360 degrees coverage used in teeth with severe damage. This can be result of an accident, decay, root canals or filling replacement.
There are many types of crowns:
1. PFM(porcelain fused to metal): this is the most common type of crown and this can be made of several alloys as base metal(Nickel-Chrome) or precious alloys as Gold-Platinum or Silver-Palladium. Off course a change in the alloys is reflected in the price of the crown.
2. Full Porcelain Crown: The state of art in full porcelain coverages this days is EMAX since this is a mono-block of porcelain computer design and shaped and finally personalized to the final and natural color for a lab technician.
3. Zirconium Crown: The zirconium is a mineral very hard but because of esthetic reasons usually is used as a core of the crown and then cover of porcelain to make it look natural. However there are monolithic zirconia crowns as lava(r) and others.
4. Feldespatic Porcelain

Dental Cosmetics

The procedures involved in the Dental Cosmetics category are:


A veneer is a porcelain covering for the tooth to make it appear nicer, whiter, improve the shape.  There are 3 types:  Conventional Porcelain Veneers, Press Porcelain Veneers (Emax®) and Lumineers®.

  • Conventional Porcelain Veneers are a mixture of dust and liquid porcelain that is applied directly to the tooth. It is then oven-fired to high temperatures to become hard. This is the most common veneer, and is also extremely fragile.
  • Press Porcelain Veneers are constructed from a hollow core surrounding the tooth, filled with melted porcelain. Pressure and heat are then applied, resulting in a veneer strength exceeding 400 MPa. We recommend this process most frequently for veneers.
  • Lumineers® are a Cerinate® Brand veneer that are specially processed, allowing the veneer to be 0.5 mm thick.

Step by Step procedure:

  • First day:
    1. You will have an evaluation of your teeth condition (this includes x-rays, intraoral photos, clinical examination).
  • Second day:
    1. We will do the grinding and take impressions.  At the end we will put the temporaries veneers on.
  • Third day:
    1. You will have this day off.
  • Fourth day:
    1. You will have this day off.
  • Fifth day:
    1. This day we finish the treatment, we will try the veneers and we will take x-rays and cemented.


This are veneers but made directly in the mouth of the patient.  This are made of composite resin.  This procedure can be done in 2 ways.  First it can be done without the grinding or second with the grinding of the tooth.  This will last for 5 years approximately.  This procedure will be made in 1 appointment.

Teeth Whitening

This procedure can be made in 2 different ways:

  1. Laser Whitening:  This procedure is basically put the whitening gel on the tooth with the laser light and then repeat this 3 times.  This will take 1 and a half hours to be completed.
  2. The home whitening:  This procedure will be do a pair of imppressions, upper and lower, also this will be sent to the laboratory to do 2 trays, this trays the patient will use it with gel at home all nights. 

Both procedures includes a complementary cleaning.


This procedure is put a covering all around the tooth.  This is necesary in cases when the tooth has a fracture, is brokedown, or the fillings became too big and the patient wants to prevent a fracture.

There are several types of crowns:

  • Metal fused to Porcelain
  • Full Gold Crown
  • Full Porcelain Crown (conventional and Emax Press Porcelain)
  • Zirconium Crown

Rehabilitation Procedures

Also we have rehabilitation procedures like:


Dentures are maybe the oldest procedure to replace missing teeth in the history of dentistry.  A denture is an acrylic plate or metal plate with partial teeth or complete set of teeth to replace the missing teeth. The teeth are acrylic and the plate is acrylic or metal.


The bridge is another way to replace the missing teeth holding the abutments to 2 or more retainer teeth.  This is fixed to the permanent teeth.  The types are the same as crowns and the Price is per unit the same as a Crown.

Dental implants

A dental implant (also known as an endosseous implant according with ADA) is a prosthetic part that contains a surgical component that after a healing period integrates to the bone of the jaw (mandibule or maxilla) or skull(cygomatic implants) to support a dental prosthesis such as a crown, bridge, denture. The basis for modern dental implants is a biologic process called osseointegration where materials, such as titanium, form an intimate bond to bone. In next sequence we will answer the most often questions about the dental implant procedure in our Medical Center or like we called Dental Implants Costa Rica in Implant and Cosmetics Solutions Costa Rica.
How many days do I will require to have a dental implant done in Implant and Cosmetics Solutions Costa Rica?
You will need 3 days to have the implants placed in Implant and Cosmetics Solutions Costa Rica. How is the procedure of a Dental Implant at Implant and Cosmetics Solutions Costa Rica?
Well, this is pretty straight forward. So you don't have to expect raisings in the price or anything like it. Because we know that surprises are not well received we don't surprise our patients with extra fees or hidden fees. You can expect extra procedures at NO COST or FOR FREE. Now taking about the procedure:
Day 1: You will have a check up(dental and medical to assure that the patient is in optimal conditions for the intervention), x-rays and the confirmation of the estimated sent by email.
Day 2: We will performed the surgery and any additional procedure such as extractions of teeth, sinus lift, bone grafts or other grafts techniques or procedures needed to warranty the sucess of the dental implant.
Day 3: We will check on the surgery outcome and confirm the correct medication for the after care of the dental implant surgery.
At this point is very important to clarify 2 points: this is a conventional technique for more sophisticated techniques as computer guide surgery, we required more days and a complete different coordination with the patient since we require to have a Dental Scan 1 month before the procedure to make the computarized planning of the surgery.
How many time do I have to wait for the placement of the permanent teeth?
Usually the timeframe is of 4 months but since you are traveling to another contry and we want to make sure that the dental implants are healed in the bone and ready to load with the crowns. The team in Implant and Cosmetics Solutions Costa Rica made a protocol of 6 months of healing time for our patients abroad, just to make sure everything will be healed for your arrival.
Can I have temporary teeth during the healing period?
yes, you can and also this involved an extra charge since the procedure price doesn't includes the temporary teeth since we suggest leave the place without teeth to facilite the healing of the area.
How many dental implants can I have in my mouth in 1 surgery?
If you are looking for a full mouth in Implant and Cosmetics Solutions Costa Rica we try to solve the situation with the less amount of dental implants since this will save you money without compromise the outcome of your treatment. We have the next options for full mouth implant restorations
Costa Rica Dental Implants Full Mouth Option 1
8 upper implants
14 unit PFM bridge
6 lower implants
14 unit PFM bridge in 3 sections
This option can be completed in 1 trip IMMEDIATELY LOADED or in 2 trips with DELAY LOAD(this includes the temporary dentures or extractions)
Costa Rica Dental Implants Full Mouth Option 2
6 upper implants
12 unit PFM bridge
4 lower implants
12 unit PFM bridge in 3 sections
Costa Rica Dental Implants Full Mouth Option 3
6 upper implants
1 hybrid bar bridge
4 lower implants
1 hybrid bar bridge
Costa Rica Dental Implants Full Mouth Option 4 (ALL ON 4)
4 upper implants
1 hybrid bar bridge
4 lower implants
1 hybrid bar bridge
Remember that success or failure of implants depends on the health of the person receiving it, drugs which impact the chances of osseointegration and the health of the tissues in the mouth.

Root Canal Therapy

The root canal is a procedure need sometimes if the tooth is hurting or if we need to do an oral rehabilitation with crowns or bridges and the tooth is destroyed or has very deep decay or just to prevent a problem in the future with the tooth.

The root canal was in the past a very painful procedure but not today we have 2 very good root canals specialist Dr. Esteban Ulate and his wife both graduated from Endodontics speciality in Colombia.

They are able to perform a root canal in 1 hour or less and they use a very strong local anesthetic with great results to the patient comfort and health.  We offer painless root canals.

The procedure itself is simple consist in open the nerve chamber and extract the neuro-vascular package inside the tooth and all decay or infection in it.  This procedure is done with a rubber dam and high power suction because they use chemicals like Chlorine so all the safe measures are used and they are taking the best care of the patient in all the aspects.

Once the root canal is complete the rehabilitator will put a post or seal with composite the treatment and grind the tooth for the crown or build up the core for the crown.

Who can have a root canal done?

Basically everyone who need this.

Periodontal Treatments

The periodontal treatment will start with a deep evaluation by our periodontist specialist.  This includes:  charting, probing, gum check, x-rays.

The procedures are deep cleaning, pockets treatments, gum grafting, crown lengthening, bone grafts and more.

Oral Surgery Procedures

This procedures are done by an Oral and Maxillofacial surgeon in our clinic or in his own depending on the procedure complexity.

Includes: Bone Graft, Sinus Lifts, Block Bone Grafts and more.


We offer 2 types of sedation:

  • Nitrous Oxide
  • IV sedation

The main reason to make procedures under sedation is to decrease the anxiety of the patient during the dental procedure and make the patient to be not aware of the situation so he will not panic because of the traumas caused in the past.

We have 3 different anesthesiologist specialists to take care of the sedation during the procedure.

The cost of this service is $200 USD per hour.

This is recommended to full implant rehabilitations with immediate load technique or very nervous patients.


We offer visitors two ways to do the orthodontic treatment.  You can start with plastic trainer to guide your teeth to the right position, if you are under 15 years old.  If you are older we can give you two choices:  1. You can put Damon Technique so you will come every 3 months to a control appointment or  2. You can find an orthodontist in the USA who will follow your orthodontic treatment.

Regular orthodontic treatments need a control appointment every month.  It is not cost effective to travel to Costa Rica.  I stongly recommend to do the orthodontic locally since the success of this treatment is in the follow up and continue check ups.